On Supporting Parents and Parents to Be

Loss of identity, loss of independence, hormonal shifts, sleep deprivation, isolation, physical pain, physical changes, an overwhelming sense of responsibility, feelings of inadequacy, fear, anxiety and the experience of a trauma. These are all potential triggers for depression. They are all also fairly usual experiences associated with giving birth.

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It is no wonder that so many people battle with mental health issues as they transition into parenthood and yet so many people suffer in silence.

Pressure from society and shame often prevent people from presenting with postnatal depression or other mental health issues caused or exacerbated by pregnancy or the birth of a child. I really feel that every parent is entitled to support and that in a society where we are often away from our family of origin or are lacking in a community parents can feel very isolated.

I create a supportive space for parents address their difficulties.

I appreciate that leaving a baby can be both logistically and emotionally difficult so if your child is under one year of age please feel free to bring them to the session if that is what would suit you.

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