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Therapist and Life Coach

The Richmond area is now super lucky to have Raylah Elsom practicing locally out of the Be Hird Therapy rooms two days a week.

Raylah’s experience as a counsellor, life coach and hypnotherapist has supported her clients to make the changes they need and reach the goals they have been dreaming of. Her empathetic and approach and her ability to mindfully challenge allows her clients to experience shifts where otherwise they have been stuck.

If you need a change of career, to examine your relationships, support returning to work or to change habitual behaviour coaching could be for you.

Raylah divides her time between Richmond and Waterloo. We both have fairly limited availability at the moment but get in touch to arrange initial consultations and stay tuned for events that we are planning for 2019

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Baby Massage

Many mothers report struggling to bond with their baby and difficulties in doing so can be the source of great anxiety. Gentle sensory activities such as baby massage can be an extremely helpful in both forging a relationship with your child and in equipping you with skills that can soothe them when they are unsettled.

I recommend Jenny at Little Floribundas she has a wealth of experience and runs classes in St Margarets and surrounding areas.

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In my experience working with pregnant women I have found that often anxiety is focused around the birth. On these occasions I have found that a course in hypnobirthing may actually be of more value than counselling.

I like to recommend Julia at Calm and Positive Birth.


Julia is an extremely supportive and understanding person who will be able to give you the tools you need to improve your chances of positive birthing experience.

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